Maunaantar 2014

“Maunaantar” – As the name suggests – Silence, Dreams 2 Reality have come up with a thought of a One-act play without speech i.e., a MIME play competition in association with We the Artists India – a platform where artists can express.

The city of Pune has a rich cultural and theatrical history. This unique thought would enrich the theatrical element a bit more. Mime is a theatrical medium or a performing art, involving miming, or the acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech. The main focus of this competition would be to emphasize purely on acting without the help of speech/dialogues. Importance will be on facial expressions, hand signals and body motions. Also Music will play an important part in the play. This would also help bring out some new writings/thoughts/concepts and would be interesting to watch them being performed in the form of a one-act play. Hence “Maunaantar” would be challenge to all the worthy performers, to bring out the best in them in the Mime aspect and entertain the audience. The competition would have all other aspects of a One-act play competition with set, lights, music, makeup, acting also being a part in the play but this would all be without dialogues.