Environment Theater Festival 2011

At We the Artists, we understand & believe that Art and its expression is a special thread that strongly binds our green thoughts together. For the past six years We the Artists in collaboration with Tree Public Foundation - an environment NGO is working effectively on the means of communication and expressions about environmental issues in the form of performing arts.

The “Environment Theater Festival” (ETF) is one such refreshing combination of theater & arts that draws awareness & communicates the importance about environmental issues in a creative way. This inspires constructive thinking and brings about a change between the students and the audience ensuring that the real issues and solutions for the environment are successfully understood and addressed in a creative manner.

In its 5th successful year of hosting this Grand Environmental Theater Festival, We the Artists aims to make this as a mission to bring out the creativity in the children by way of giving them a platform to exhibit their skills, knowledge and more importantly the artistic side of expression of their thoughts through the platform of “Environment Theater Festival”