About Us

“We the Artists” is a new wave for empowering Artists and promoting Art. It is dedicated towards providing artists a stage to showcase their talent and vision towards various art forms, thereby helping artists to manifest and live their creative dreams!

Through this platform, an Artist can reach out to meaningful audiences and potential buyers, who actually understand, appreciate and respect art. This platform not only provides Artists a chance to earn a living out of their art but also ensures that each artist makes a long term successful career and business in the field of Art.

Essence of our organization

We the artists, is been formed for the reason that we genuinely care for Artist and we wish to cater to their talent. We are committed towards uplifting and developing live form of art and protect its legacy for the coming generation! Keeping this in mind, WTA has designed well-crafted spaces for all forms of arts, be it theater, music, pottery, painting, sculpting, instillation festival etc. Our strength lies within the fact that we have creative artists team with a good blend of business & art promotion background. The basis of our organization is to bring all the artists together, unite them and create quality opportunities for them. Our different tools help the artists in getting recognitions at various level and helps them to reach out the masses & make their art limitless.